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Grain and Cover Crops


Buckwheat is a short season annual with a delicate, fibrous root system. Since it establishes quickly, it is useful for weed suppression. It also mellows the soil while improving aggregate stability. Buckwheat does well in low-fertility soils. It is a scavenger of phosphorus and calcium and mineralizes rock phosphate, making these nutrients available for later crops. Residue from the succulent buckwheat plants decomposes quickly. Buckwheat uses the shortest window of opportunity of any cover crop. Annual

Spring Forage Peas

Spring Forage Peas are an excellent choice to benefit a mix or planted as a stand alone crop. An exciting new variety of self-climbing forage peas that offers a leafy highly palatable forage with high dry matter yields. Plant in the early spring for a food source that is available for energy and protein needs. Planted in the early fall, especially with oats or winter wheat, it will create a high palatable forage that is available until a hard freeze. Packer Forage Peas have poor frost tolerance. Will grow in a wide variety of soils and will work well under a minimum tillage situation. Annual

Winter Peas

Winter Peas is a cool-season, annual legume with good, nitrogen-fixing capabilities, that is well adapted to the northern climates. It is low-growing, vine legume which has been shown to fix over 200 pounds of nitrogen per acre per year under good conditions. As the name implies, has good winter hardiness and can be successfully grown when fall seeded Peas are a great soil rebuilder on a rotational basis as a green manure crop. Annual

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