Barkant Turnip - Annual

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Barkant® Turnip is a very vigorous diploid turnip variety with a purple tankard type root. This variety has a very good leaf and root yield with high sugar and dry matter content. Turnips produce a superior quality energy source well suited for food plots. Barkant Turnips grow from the turnip, thus the turnip will be quite large. They perform well in cool moist soil conditions and mature in 60-90 days for excellent summer grazing. Seed can be no-tilled into suppressed sod or seeded into a conventionally prepared seedbed. Do not plant turnips for more than 2 consecutive years due to disease buildup. Fertilization enhances the productivity of turnips.

  • Soil Types: Well in most soils
  • Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs. per acre 
  • Planting Depth: ¼ inch 
  • Planting Date: Spring and Fall

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