Buck Forage Oats - Annual (Temporarily Sold Out)

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CVC-BFO (50)

Buck Forage OatsBuck Forage Oats

Buck Forage Oats is a winter hearty oat, a great fall and winter food source for deer and other wildlife. Buck Forage Oats are extremely winter hardy, a drought resistant oat designed to provide more tender growth for a longer interval of time. Buck Forage Oats is an excellent product that has dual uses both as a cover crop and as a fall forage. Planting Buck Forage Oats in August will provide tender forage, providing a food source for deer and turkey into the late fall season.

  • Soil Types: Widely adapted, fertile
  • Seeding Rate: 100-125 lbs. per acre
  • Planting Depth: 1-2 inch
  • Planting Date: Spring and Fall

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