Crimp'N Grains

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Crimp’N Grains is a mix consisting of winter wheat, winter grain rye and buckwheat. This mix is perfect for following a summer planting of soybeans or other highly attractive summer annuals. It is a mix that establishes very rapidly and provides forage throughout fall and winter while rebuilding and protecting your soil. Crimp’N Grains may be drilled or broadcasted and it pairs well with our Overcast Fall Mix making it perfect for drilling your soybeans or summer annuals directly into and terminating with a crimper. Pair it with our Essential Clover Blend if following up with brassicas or turnips in the fall.


Formulation:                                 Characteristics:

Awnless Winter Wheat                     High cold tolerance

Winter Grain Rye                            Widely adaptable

Buckwheat                                     Soil builder


Soil Types:  Widely adapted, firm seed bed with pH of 5.5 or higher

Maintenance:  No maintenance

Seeding Rate:  New: 60-70 Lbs. per Acre

Planting Date: August-October

Planting Depth: 1/2 - 1" deep

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