Dove Field Mix

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Dove Field Mix is a mix of Peredovick Sunflowers and buckwheat designed to specifically attract and hold Doves. The combination of these large leafed, heavy stemmed plants offer a high volume of seed while helping to maintain a clean weed free base. The key for an effective dove field is providing easy access to a lot of seed free of weeds and debris. Doves are weak scratchers and need seed easily accessible on clean dirt. This is best done by controlling the weeds with effective herbicides and spreading the seed by mowing, disking, or burning after maturity. Plant after the chance of frost in early spring on a prepared seed bed. Needs approximately 120 days to mature. Always refer to your federal and local baiting laws before manipulating any crops for the purpose of hunting.


Formulation:                                 Characteristics:

Peredovick Sunflower             Excellent Dove Attractant

Buckwheat                          Matures Gradually


Soil Types:  Well drained soils pH of 5.5 or higher

Maintenance:  Weed control with herbicides

Seeding Rate:  40 Lbs. per Acre

Frost Seeding: Not adaptable

Planting Date: April-May

Planting Depth: 1/4-1/2”

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