Freedom Red Clover - Perennial (Coated & Pre-Inoculated)

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Freedom Red Clover Seed: The Ultimate Perennial Choice

Discover the unmatched quality of Freedom Red Clover Seed, a standout variety notable for its absence of pubescence and robust growth. As the latest advancement in clover seed varieties, it's developed to deliver superior yields, exceptional nutritive value, and unparalleled palatability.

Deep Roots, Vast Benefits

Its significant deep tap-root system ensures resilience, tapping into subsoil moisture for summer vitality. This red clover seed variety showcases unmatched drought and heat tolerance, alongside improved winter hardiness, making it a persistent and productive choice through the years.

Versatile and Easy to Grow

Perfect for grazing, Freedom Red Clover Seed excels in both pure and mixed plantings. It's an adaptable performer in various soil types, especially in wet, acidic conditions. With our clover seeds pre-inoculated and coated, planting is efficient, promoting optimal growth and nitrogen fixation from the outset.

Planting Made Simple

  • Soil Compatibility: Thrives across a spectrum of soils.
  • Seeding Rate: 15-20 lbs. per acre for full coverage.
  • Planting Depth: Just ¼ inch.
  • Planting Time: Optimal in Spring and Fall.

Invest in Freedom Red Clover Seed for a resilient, bountiful forage supply that ensures your livestock’s well-being and enhances your farming success. Embrace this premium clover seed for promising agricultural outcomes.

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