Frontier Border Mix

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Frontier Border Mix is a mix of sorghums formulated to create a tall barrier with heavy under growth to keep it upright. Egyptian Wheat is a sorghum producing long slender stalks, 7 to 10 feet in height. BMR Dry Stalk Sorghum Sudan is a very quick growing hybrid, more economical to plant, better early season vigor with a greater root system. Sudangrass a fast growing hybrid, fine stems and dark green leaves with the characteristic of brown midrib. Frontier Border Mix is a annual mix with a tall growth structure that provides protective cover for wildlife. Plant after danger of frost, best on fertile well-drained sites receiving full or lightly filtered sunlight, grows poorly in excessively drained sandy soils.


Formulation:                                 Characteristics:

Egyptian Wheat                              Tall slender in height

BMR Sorghum Sudan                      Strong root system

Hybrid Sudangrass                          Fast growing hybrid


Soil Types:  Well drained, pH 6 or higher

Maintenance:  No maintenance

Seeding Rate:  New: 10-12 Lbs. per Acre

Planting Date: May-June

Planting Depth: 1"

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