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Highland Game Mix

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HIGH-GM (10)
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Highland Game Bird Mix is a mix of a variety of millets and grain sorghum designed to provide birds and small game with critical feed and cover. This mix creates great structure while also offering a high tonnage of seed. Plant this mix in conjunction to permanent winter cover to provide food and transitional cover that will help protect against harsh weather and predation. Broadcast or drill onto a firm prepared seed bed in a variety of soil conditions. Plant in June or July and cover approximately 1/4".


Formulation:                                 Characteristics:

Browntop Millet                          Heavy seed producer

Wilder Game Sorghum               Late season food and structure

White Proso Millet                          Matures gradually

Japanese Millet                           Does well in wet conditions


Soil Types:  Widely adapted

Maintenance:  No maintenance

Seeding Rate:  30 Lbs. per Acre

Frost Seeding: Not adaptable

Planting Date: Mid-Summer

Planting Depth: 1/4"