Jumbo Ladino Clover - Perennial

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Jumbo Logo Clover SeedsJumbo Ladino Clover is a white perennial superior clover more vigorous and faster growing than other white clovers. Known for its large leaves and high yields, Jumbo is very palatable and a great improvement for grazing stands for wildlife. Ladino type white clovers spread by stolons and fill in empty space in forage stands for more productive grazing. Jumbo ladino may be seeded conventionally when establishing a new plot, or may be frost seeded into an existing plot. Jumbo Ladino Clover has good disease resistance, tolerates summer heat and dry weather, a clover that is widely adapted to the Northeast.

  • Pre-Inoculated
  • Soil Types: Does well on most soil 
  • Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs. per acre 
  • Planting Depth: ¼ inch 
  • Planting Date: Spring and Fall

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