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MLD-MAX (10)

Mallard Max is a mix including millets, sorghum and buckwheat designed to specifically attract and hold waterfowl. The diversity of this mix provides waterfowl with their preferred diet and habitat early in the warmer fall temperatures, as well as satisfies their nutritional needs in the cold winter months during peak migration. This mix is very adaptable and will do well in a wide variety of soils.  Mallard Max does best when broadcasted on a firm prepared seedbed and covered to a depth of ¼ inch. The best time for planting occurs in June-Aug. to ensure maturation of seed before the first frost, while limiting the time it is vulnerable to predation. Mallard max can be planted in a water controlled impoundment or natural seasonally flooded area. For best results flood after maturation to a depth of 8-16 inches. This mix is resistant to mold and mildew and has a deterioration rate of less than 50% after 90 days of being flooded.

NOTE: It is illegal to manipulate any crop for the purpose of hunting waterfowl. This means this seed mix may not be manipulated in any way to spread seed and make it more available. This includes mowing, disking, burning or purposefully knocking over a standing crop. However, it is perfectly legal to hunt over a flooded standing crop. Refer to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for all questions in regarding waterfowl hunting and baiting restrictions.


Formulation:                        Characteristics:                                       

Japanese Millet                      Does well in wet soil

Browntop Millet                  Late season food source

Wilder Game Sorghum            Widely adaptable

Buckwheat                            High tonnage 


Soil Types:  Widely adapted, firm seed bed.

Maintenance:  No Maintenance

Seeding Rate:  20 Lbs. Per acre

Frost Seeding: Not adaptable

Planting Date: Mid to Late summer

Planting Depth: 1/4 inch


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