Medium Red Clover - Perennial (Coated & Pre-Inoculated)

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Boost Your Forage with Medium Red Clover Seed: A Vigorous Perennial Choice

Introducing the Medium Red Clover Seed, a dynamic and robust option for those seeking a short-lived perennial with a lifespan of 2-3 years. Renowned for its vigorous growth in spring, this clover seed stands out for its adaptability and aggressive establishment, making it an optimal choice for both solo and mixed grass plantings.

Resilience and Growth

Medium Red Clover showcases excellent disease resistance, enhancing its longevity and performance, especially with effective management. Unlike alfalfa, its quality remains stable as it matures, ensuring a consistent and reliable forage supply. With good winter hardiness and fair drought tolerance, it's a versatile addition to any agricultural endeavor.

Easy Cultivation for Optimal Results

Our Medium Red Clover Seed comes pre-inoculated and coated, simplifying the planting process and ensuring a strong start. It thrives in a wide array of soil types, particularly in conditions with a pH of 5.5 to 7.0, making it a flexible choice for different farming needs.

Planting Guidelines for Peak Performance

  • Soil Adaptability: Effective in a broad range of soils.
  • Seeding Rate: Ideal at 18-20 lbs. per acre for dense growth.
  • Planting Depth: Requires just ¼ inch for successful germination.
  • Ideal Planting Times: Spring and Fall seasons for best results.

Choose Medium Red Clover Seed to enrich your pastures with a productive, high-quality forage that supports the nutrition and health of your livestock. Opt for this premium clover seed to enhance your agricultural productivity and sustainability.

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