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Incredible Sweet Corn





Incredible Sweet Corn: Experience Unmatched Sweetness

Unveil the Sweetest Corn on the Cob – Our Incredible Sweet Corn is a testament to the ultimate sweet corn eating experience. As our top-selling sweet corn variety, Incredible is celebrated for its large ears and unmatched eating quality, bringing the sweetness of corn to a whole new level.

Perfect Blend of Size and Sweetness

Larger Ears for More Enjoyment – With a remarkable size of 9 x 2 inches and standing at an ear height of 30 inches, each ear of Incredible Sweet Corn is packed with 18 rows of juicy kernels. These kernels burst with the natural sweetness corn lovers seek, making each bite an unforgettable experience.

Grown to Perfection

Ready in 85 Days – Patience yields taste dividends with our Incredible Sweet Corn. From planting to your plate in just 85 days, this variety is not just about its size and sweetness; it’s about the rapid journey to achieve peak flavor and quality.

  • Days: 85
  • Ear Height: 30″
  • Ear Size: 9 x 2″
  • Kernel Rows: 18

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3 reviews for Incredible Sweet Corn

  1. Marie

    We started growing Merit in Michigan in 1975. Love the size of the ears, the flavor and the great color. It is very vigorous. In Tennessee since 1985. The raccoons get it before we do!

  2. Sue Garrett

    This corn is always dependable. Good, sweet, always produces well. Good for eating fresh & freezing too.

  3. Robert

    Here in the Kansas City area, we have been planting incredible corn since I first tried some from a roadside produce stand over 15 years ago. Now most of the garden is devoted to incredible corn to have enough for kids and grand kids. This variety is super sweet delicious and very reliable and high yielding even when the weather turns a bit cold after planting. We often have more than we can eat or give away but it stores well in the husk in plastic bags in the fridge. Even after 10 days it is still plenty sweet.

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