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Organic Alfalfa Plus

A great 2-3 year Alfalfa that is similar to Venus. Has a respectable disease resistance package. An excellent Alfalfa for crop rotation, but yet moderately priced. Does excellent in forage blends.

Plant 22 lbs per acre /10 lbs per acre in forage mix

Organic Alfalfa Supreme

A fine stemmed, multi-leaf Alfalfa that is winter hardy. Will make top quality hay with quick recovery. Suitable for 4-5 year rotations. Has a high leaf-to-stem ratio and high palatability which makes it an excellent feeding quality forage.

Plant 22 lbs per acre / 10 lbs per acre in forage mix

Organic Alsike Clover

Great for wet soils that are less than perfect with low PH [down to 5.0]. Very productive and fast establishing.

Plant 11 lbs per acre / 3 lbs per acre in a forage mix

Organic Calibra Ryegrass

A fast establishing cool season Perennial Ryegrass that has upright growth. It is well suited for hay or grazing with an excellent disease package and winter-hardiness. Excellent high yielding with the bulk of production coming in early spring and fall.

Plant 30-40 lbs per acre / 6-10 lbs per acre in forage mix.

Organic Dolina Timothy

Dolina provides a very good disease resistance, which is the basic for a good healthy crop. Dolina is a late heading Timothy with high dry matter yields. It has excellent winter hardiness and is a top choice for pasture renovation.

Plant 6-12 lbs per acre / 2-6 lbs per acre in forage mix

Organic Laura Meadow Fescue

Laura is a very high yielding meadow fescue with an early spring growth and an early to medium heading date. Laura establishes very well with perennial ryegrass. It is high yielding in the first cut, with very good regrowth in the after-math. Laura has high yields of very digestible dry matter in all cuts.

Plant 20-25 lbs per acre / 4-12 lbs per acre in forage mix

Organic Medium Red Clover

Medium Red Clover is a short-lived perennial, 2-3 years with the most aggressive growth in the spring. However, newer varieties with better disease resistance along with proper management may persist for a third year. Medium Red Clover is an aggressive establisher and may be seeded alone or used in mixtures with grasses for frost or dormant seeding into an existing stand. Medium Red Clover quality does not decline as rapidly with maturity as alfalfa. Good winter hardiness with fair drought tolerance. It requires moisture throughout the growing season for optimum performance. Soil pH levels should be between 5.5 to 7.0 for best performance.

Plant 18-20 lbs per acre

Organic Niva Orchardgrass

Niva is a medium late heading orchardgrass originating from a breeding program in Central Europe where emphasis was on disease resistance and dry matter yield. The late heading date of Niva is very conductive to situations where the fields are too wet to harvest early in the spring. The late maturity of Niva also coincides well with the maturity of alfalfa for producers who are looking for a grass component to add to their pastures without sacrificing forage quality. Excellent winter hardiness, excellent hay and silage.

Plant 15-20 lbs per acre / 3-6 lbs per acre in forage mix

Organic Climax Timothy

Climax Timothy grass is a winter-hardy, perennial, cool season forage grass praised for producing high quality hay and forage. Climax is persistent and highly productive for hay and pasture mixes when it is not overgrazed. It is highly palatable and can be a great companion to mix with perennial clovers, alfalfa, orchardgrass and other grasses and legumes with similar growing seasons.

Plant 6-12 lbs per acre / 2-6 lbs per acre in forage mix

Organic Kora Tall Fescue

The medium maturity date of Kora is a benefit in most areas of the United States and Canada because the early maturing varieties mature too early to ensure they can be harvested for high quality hay. In pasture production systems, the early types are ready to graze before most fields have dried out sufficiently to allow hoof traffic.

Plant 38-45 lbs per acre

Organic Perun Festulolium

Perun looks and behaves similar to Italian ryegrass, but with better persistence. The yield potential is as high as its sugar content and palatability.

Plant 35-45 lbs per acre

Organic Renegade Red Clover

Renegade is an erect, early flowering red clover with improvised resistance to southern anthracnose and downy mildew. This is classified as semi-dormant in winter growth, and provides more grazing than Ladino clover during hot summer months. Renegade has been tested across North America and it was the highest yielding red clover.

Plant 15-30 lbs per acre

Organic Rivendel White Clover

Trials show that small leaved white clover is most persistent in permanent pastures under grazing management. Rivendel is a small-leaved very persistent variety. It has short rhizomes and short leaf growth, which makes it suitable for both cattle and sheep farming as it tolerates close grazing and maintains a high proportion of clover in the sward. Rivendel has shown excellent resistance against strong and cold winter conditions.

Plant 4-8 lbs per acre

Organic Tivoli Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass

Tivoli is a late heading perennial ryegrass with great spring growth. This will give the plant strong flexibility in the spring for high quality forage. Tivoli has proven to be very adaptable to a wide range of climates.

Plant 30-40 lbs per acre