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Enter a realm where extraordinary flavors thrive and exceptional quality is the standard. Merit Seed is proud to showcase an unparalleled selection of sweet corn seed varieties, each carefully curated for its standout taste, superior texture, and impressive yields. Whether you're an avid home gardener in pursuit of the freshest produce or a commercial cultivator focused on harvesting top-tier crops, our sweet corn seed range is designed to elevate both your gardening ventures and culinary creations.

An Assortment Tailored to Every Taste

Our collection of corn seed varieties spans a wide spectrum, ensuring there's a perfect match for every preference and growing condition. From the enduring favorites to new, innovative cultivars, each sweet corn seed is a beacon of flavor waiting to thrive in your garden or field.

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Within every kernel of our meticulously selected sweet corn seeds lies the potential for luscious, homegrown delights that will enchant your taste buds and enhance your dining table. Imagine the joy of biting into a cob of sweet corn, each bite bursting with flavor, or the pleasure of sharing your bountiful harvest with loved ones. Our sweet corn seeds make these moments not just possible, but easy to achieve.

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Planting and Growing Tips for Sweet Corn

Plant seeds 8 - 12 inches apart on 30 inch rows to achieve optimum yield (18,000 - 22,000 seeds per acre).

Seed depth should be ¾” - 1½” depending on soil conditions. Plant when soil temperature is 60º F plus.

Harvest sweet corn when the end kernels of the ear feel developed. Approximately 21 - 25 days after half silk.