Essential Clover Blend (Coated & Pre-Inoculated)

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Essential Clover Blend is a blend of annual cool season legumes that are cold tolerant and establish fast. These clovers have high protein content, excellent disease resistance, and winter hardiness. This is a great blend for all wildlife from pollinators to deer. When planted in the fall this blend provides ample forage and has vigorous early spring green-up. It provides an abundance of nutrition at an early critical period. This blend of annual clovers is a great way to build soil and provide nitrogen for future crops. The Essential Clover Blend thrives in most soil conditions and grows well when planted with a companion grain crop.


  •   Crimson Clover                                       
  •   Frosty Berseem Clover       
  •   Fixation Balansa Clover 
  •   Arrow Leaf Clover                


  •   Early maturing
  •   Great attraction
  •   High protein forage 
  •   Highly productive 

Soil Types: Wide variety of soils
Maintenance: Low maintenance
Seeding Rate: New: 18-20 Lbs. per Acre
Frost Seeding: 10-12 Lbs. per Acre
Planting Date: Spring, Fall, Frost Seed
Planting Depth: ¼ to ½ inch

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