Red Ripper Cowpeas

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Red Ripper Cowpea is a warm-season late maturing annual legume highly favored by whitetail deer and will make a great food plot or addition to a plot mixture with buckwheat or sorghum to suppress weeds. These are fast growing and nitrogen fixing peas, should be planted when soil temperatures are around 70 degrees and mature in 90 to 140 days. Red Ripper Cowpeas are heat and drought-tolerant, relatively pest free and adapted to a variety of soil types but prefer sandy loam - clay loam soil. However, they will not tolerate waterlogged soils. Peas are a great soil rebuilder on a rotational basis as a green manure crop.


Soil Types:  Clay loam, well-drained

Seeding Rate:  40-50 lbs. per acre

Planting Date: June-Oct

Planting Depth: 3/4" to 1"