Everleaf Oats - Annual **TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK**

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EverLeaf Oats is a true forage oat with dark green foliage, an erect growth habit with leaves that actually extend above the canopy at heading. EverLeaf is medium to tall in height, a delayed heading oat with much of its forage mass and quality coming from extended maturity. Performance is best when good fertility and moisture are available. Dry land production should be limited to heavier soils with adequate rainfall. Used as a nurse crop for newly seeded plots, the delayed heading feature allows newly planted stands to become more uniformly established before first mowing. Denser canopy results with a better leaf to stem ration, thus maintaining better quality.

  • Soil Types: Widely adapted, fertile
  • Seeding Rate: 60-80 lbs. per acre
  • Planting Depth: 1-2 inch
  • Planting Date: Spring and Fall

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